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Khabin News v11

The latest version of Khabin dropping major features. The biggest update since of origin of Khabin News.

Version 11 is the biggest update since of origin of Khabin News. The first thing you'll notice in the new version is a new app icon. This new app was created in a relection of what product has become in the last two months. Thanks for using Khabin News!


  • A new onboarding experience
  • New Push Notification options
  • Light & Dark Modes (With Option to stay in Dark Mode)
  • Fade the articles already read
  • New "Long Form" sources
  • Follow and unfollow publications
  • New "Following Tab"
  • New Publications From: United Kingdom, Mexico, Thailand, Sweden, India, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Fixed issue with not resuming the right screen
  • Fixed issue with Android Back
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