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A powerful news consumption app. Khabin News analyzes and dissects content; identifying only facts from expert sources and providing you with a focused overview.


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For the past 10 years, I’ve focused on building technology solutions for many companies and political campaigns. For the better half of the last 5 years, I was at a B2B media company. My last day with a traditional job is Friday, January 29th. 2021 is about taking those skills and building something on my own.

Following the news is overwhelming and there are too many publications and content created to find something just for you. More and more people want to informed about what’s going on in the world and their own country. Khabin News is providing a great starting place.

This new journey about commitment. In the seek of purpose Khabin will be my only project this year. If things go horribly wrong my goal is to take a break and write a book about failure then try again. I’d like to thank everyone who has or will support my work, inspiring me to attempt this in the first place. I have no idea how any of this will play out, but I’m willing to take the risk.

- Terrillo Walls

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Khabin News v12

The latest version of Khabin dropping new features for both Android and iOS.

The Start of Khabin News

The origin story of Khabin News by founder Terrillo Walls.